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Study Visit to Barcelona and Training-Workshop in Porto

26 Jun 2018

From 11-12 June, 2018 Universitat de Barcelona (UB) hosted a study tour and information seminar on TSDC Best Practice. From 14-15 June a two-day training-workshop on Capacity Building of TSDC Staff was held at the Universidade do Porto (U. Porto).

The  Study Visit and Information Seminar at the University of Barcelona took place on June 11-12, 2018. The main purpose of the event was the acquaintance of administrative staff of the Eastern PC universities with modern experience of TSDCs, their activity, structure and undergoing training programmes. The main organisers of the event were Joan-Thomàs Pujolà and Marina Solé Català – professors at the University of Barcelona (BU). During the seminars the representatives of the Project’s European partner universities also made presentations and shared their experience.

On June 14-15, 2018 after the Study visit to the University of Barcelona a Workshop-Training was held in the University of Porto. The main objective of the Workshop-Training was the development of Eastern PC universities TSDC administrative staff’s competence in the area of operation of TSDCs, development and realisation of innovative training programmes and working out of new operational plans.

On the first day some leading specialists invited from a number of universities of Portugal came up with the presentations highlighting their experiences. They described in detail how their TSDCs were structured, how they operate and what functions they perform. With pro-rector Fernando Remião and professor Maria Pinto’s initiative the partners of the University of Porto conducted the workshop in the so-called World Café format, that enabled the participants’ maximal engagement.


The four-day working meetings, where thirty five representatives of Eastern PC universities participated, were concluded by PRINTeL project coordinator Armen Budaghyan, professor Marina Sole Catala from the University of Barcelona and Fernando Remião – pro-rector of Porto University. Accordingly, they mentioned that PC university representatives should disseminate their knowledge acquired from the Study visit and Workshop-Training in their home institutions and get to commence further activities envisaged in the working plan of the Project.




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