Promoting Innovative Teaching & Learning

to Enhance Student Learning Experience

in Eastern Partnership Countries

WP.4: Raising Awareness on IT&L

Raising Awareness on Innovative Teaching and Learning (T&L)

GTU will lead this WP, which focuses on promotion of greater awareness on types and methods of innovative technology-enhanced T&L, and dissemination of good practices.

3 virtual communities (websites using VATL services) of teaching practice around particular teaching approaches (e.g. problem/project-based, case studies, game/simulation learning) and 3 communities of disciplinary groups (Humanities & Social Sciences, Pedagogy and Teacher Training, Science and Engineering) will be created. Annual VATL Forum (virtual conference) will be established to promote dialogue amongst academic communities in regional and international level, to share and discuss the specific topics and issues of T&L, crucial for the year. The first forum will be organized in M5/Y3 of the project. VATL will provide social networking services to encourage collaboration and dialogue among its community members, which will include: VATL blog, Facebook & Twitter, Discussion forums, and YouTube channel.

Institutional award schemes for the excellence in T&L to recognize and stimulate staff engagement in innovative T&L practices will be establish. Appropriate appraisal criteria & procedures will be developed and provided to PC HEIs leadership for further accommodation and adoption. These criteria will be included also in HEIs’ internal policies for teaching staff job promotion.