Promoting Innovative Teaching & Learning

to Enhance Student Learning Experience

in Eastern Partnership Countries

WP.2: Capacity building of TS

Capacity Building of PC HEIs Teaching Staff

ISU is a lead partner of WP.2 and will take care of its implementation and reporting. This WP intends for developing PC HEIs’ teaching staff innovative and technology-enhanced T&L skills.

Back from TOT courses the trained trainers will adjust TOTs to the local needs and organize in-house teacher training (TT) courses. Each couple of trainers will train a group of 10 teachers in their HEIs with the active support from EU partners. Based on predefined selection criteria 53 groups of teaching staff (530 in total) will be selected to participate in TT courses. To accommodate newly designed TT courses for further regular use a workshop will be organized in YSU with participation of all partners to get feedback on the delivered TT courses. Based on post-training evaluations and feedback from the workshop, TT courses will be fine-tuned for regular usage by TSDCs. Current teaching staff development programmes at TSDCs will also be revised and modified to integrate TT courses.

The trained trainers and teachers will pilot acquired innovative T&L methods in their regular classes. Current syllabi, student assessment criteria and procedures will be revised and approved by respective departments, student surveys will be conducted. Institutional TFs will discuss the results with departmental Student Councils and prepare follow up reports.