Promoting Innovative Teaching & Learning

to Enhance Student Learning Experience

in Eastern Partnership Countries

Aims & Objectives

The aims of the Project are:

  • To enhance student learning experience in the partner countries (PC) in accordance with the ET 2020 objectives by promoting development and innovation in teaching & learning (T&L), supporting integration of technology and research, and dissemination of good practice.
  • To modernize HE in AM, GE and BY in line with the Bologna agenda and to establish cooperation in education & training between EU and the partner countries and amongst PCs by promoting virtual mobility of teachers and students, and enhancing lifelong learning resources & means.

These aims will be achieved through completion of the following specific objectives:

  1. To strengthen Teaching Staff Development Centres (TSDC) in the PC HEIs by enhancing capacities of staff and trainers, modernizing infrastructure and introducing innovative teacher training and academic leadership programmes.
  2. To build up capacities of the partner HEIs’ teaching staff by developing their innovative and technology-enhanced T&L skills and abilities of competency- and research-based teaching.
  3. To establish a Virtual Academy of Teaching & Learning (VATL) as an international community of teachers, staff and students interested in using and sharing Open Educational Resources (OER) for the improvement of technology-enhanced T&L.
  4. To promote greater awareness on the types and methods of innovative and technology-enhanced T&L  and to disseminate best practices within and between HEIs in the PCs.

About 30 staff & 100 trainers will be trained on innovative T&L methods and ICT-based interactive and e-learning technologies for TSDCs. 28 technology-enhanced teacher training (TET) classrooms, 9 multimedia content building studios, other e-learning facilities and 5 new TET courses will be set up in PC HEIs.

The project places a strong emphasis on the capacity building of a wide cohort of teaching staff in PC HEIs by utilizing a multiplier effect via “train the trainer” initiative. The trained trainers will adapt & deliver newly developed TET courses to over 530 university teachers.

The project will provide PCs' HE communities with an interactive professional communication, mutual learning and virtual mobility platform & Open Educational Resources - the VATL, to promote innovative T&L practices and continuous development of teaching staff.

As a result of the project implementation 6 virtual VATL’s communities of teaching practice around particular teaching approaches & disciplinary groups, an annual virtual forum on innovative T&L, as well as internal institutional incentives will be established to promote awareness on innovative pedagogy and excellence in T&L.