Promoting Innovative Teaching & Learning

to Enhance Student Learning Experience

in Eastern Partnership Countries

In-House Online Trainings at Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno

19 Apr 2021

Online TTs took place from the 1st to the 29th of April at Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno

In April 2021, Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno hosted online trainings on various teaching methods and technologies: Blended Learning, Active Learning, Flipped Classroom, Video Lecturing, Promoting Interaction in the Classroom, Gamification Technology.

Trainers: Natalya Valko, Associate Professor of the Department of General Physics; Svetlana Leskevich, Head of the Department of Foreign Languages; Svetlana Gonchar, Dean of the Philological Faculty; Anna Roshchik, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Modern Technologies of Pre-University Education; Anatol Bahdzevich, Associate Professor of the Department of English Philology; Anna Sazonava, Senior Lecturer of the Department of System Programming and Computer Security; Iryna Korlyukova, Head of the Department of Modern Technologies of Pre-University Education.


The main objective of the courses is to train higher education lecturers in finding ways to optimize the educational process in accordance with the learning needs of their students and to enhance the efficiency of university lessons via learning-teaching role re-orientation.

The courses emphasized some essential teaching skills and competencies for teachers and technicians when preparing for teaching and learning, with special attention tospecific strategies in emergency scenarios. They contributed design effective online activities for teaching practice and applying various methods of online learning in courses, in remote project based learning courses.

The approaches of modern learning  are used both as the content of the course and the bulk methodology of course organization and implementation. Harmonizing methodology with the contents is considered as a booster for course efficiency.


Trainers have demonstrated experience in redesigning university courses and planning academic activities using a variety of methodologies.

Differential learning activities were used during the online trainings. There are mind mapping, team work, brainstorming, peer review and evaluation, discussion, group projects.

During a month, 7 trainers discussed with their colleagues the main problems that every teacher faces in modern conditions: 

  • the shift from a well-known situation, where teachers and students are comfortable adapted to a completely new situation, an emergency scenario;
  • motivate and engage with students in an emergency scenario;
  • maintain the quality of the teaching process with all the changes taking place;
  • have the ability to be flexible and learn to reinvent in any situation.

As a result, 11 teachers took part in the trainings.