Promoting Innovative Teaching & Learning

to Enhance Student Learning Experience

in Eastern Partnership Countries

Adoption of Teacher Training Courses at Ilia State University

26 Jul 2020

Within the frameworks of Erasmus+ PRINTeL Project ISU teaching staff attended the Teacher Training courses organized by trained lecturers at ISU. Due to the courses the teaching staff members acquired new methods of and upgraded their knowledge in innovative teaching and learning.

In October-December, 2019,  TSDC regular TT trainings carried out at Ilia State university within the PRINTeL project, aimed at retraining ISU teaching staff members.


The trainers employed at  Academic and teaching staff development center, who were retrained in  Katholieke Universiteit Leuven(October, 2019), have modified their courses on teaching and learning in innovative methods for ISU lecturers. They have shared their experience gained from the ToT courses and past trainings with their colleagues.


6 training courses were held in total in fall, 2019. More than 60 of Ilia State University teaching staff members have been trained.

The training courses were moderated by:

  1. Levan Tsagareli – Professor – Active Learning in the flipped classroom
  2. Elene Zhuravliova – Associated Professor - Hybrid/Blended Teaching and Learning
  3. Aleksandre Ergeshidze – Associated Professor - Video as a Learning tool for teachers and students;
  4. Archil Abashidze – Associated Professor - Hybrid/Blended Teaching and Learning
  5. Tamar Magalashvili – Associated Professor - Active Learning and ICT-enhanced teaching: M-learning and gamification
  6. Giga Khositashvili – Invited Lecturer - Hybrid/Blended Teaching and Learning  


Refer below for the timetable of ISU TSDC regular teacher training courses