Promoting Innovative Teaching & Learning

to Enhance Student Learning Experience

in Eastern Partnership Countries

Adoption of Teacher Training Courses at Vanadzor State University

27 Jul 2020

Within the frameworks of Erasmus+ PRINTeL Project VSU teaching staff attended the Teacher Trianing courses organized by trained lecturers at VSU. Due to the courses the teaching staff members acquired new methods of and upgraded their knowledge in innovative teaching and learning.

The course on “The Application of Modern Information Technologies in Teaching” was conducted at the initiative of VSU Lifelong Learning Center. The course consisted of the following modules:

Name of the TT Course
Name of the Trainer
Hybrid/Blended Teaching & Learning
Arina Danielyan
Vanane Mirzoyan
Video as a Learning Tool for Teachers & Students: Video Lecturing & Promoting Interaction in the Classroom
Anna Khachatryan
Active Learning in the Flipped Classroom
Anna Arakelyan
Active Learning with special focus on Technology Enhanced Collaborative Learning 
Kristine Ghazaryan
Active Learning & ICT-Enhanced Teaching: M-Learning and Gamification 
Maria Brutyan

Six VSU professors, who were trained within the scope of ERASMUS+ PRINTeL project, conducted the first phase of teacher training course for the 2019-2020 academic year since November 2019. 11 lecturers took part in that course.

The course aimed at promoting the development of professional qualifications, pedagogical skills of the participants by utilizing modern information technologies and methods in teaching. This training was also an exchange of experience, as six trained professors parallelly took part in it. The training was carried out with their own initiative. The professors were able to share with each other their acquired knowledge and skills, to discuss the most effective and less effective options due to specific limitations. Eleven participants successfully completed the course.

The second phase of teacher training for the 2019-2020 academic year was scheduled in spring. 30 lecturers applied for participation, 18 of which started in March. Unfortunately, the course is currently suspended due to the pandemic.

Refer below for the timetable of VSU TSDC regular teacher training courses