Promoting Innovative Teaching & Learning

to Enhance Student Learning Experience

in Eastern Partnership Countries

Adoption of Teacher Training Courses at National Polytechnic University of Armenia

29 Jul 2020

Within the frameworks of Erasmus+ PRINTeL Project NPUA teaching staff attended the Teacher Trianing courses organized by trained lecturers at NPUA. Due to the courses the teaching staff members acquired new methods of and upgraded their knowledge in innovative teaching and learning.

Since 2019 a course entitled “Innovative Teaching technologies”, obligatory for all lecturers, has been implemented at the TSDC of NPUA. In the second semester of 2019, 12 lecturers took part in the first course. The training course was conducted by Kristina Khudaverdyan and Ella Hovhannisyan who were trained within the circles of PRINTeL project․ Gevorg Margarov the head of the TACA Chair conducted the training, as well.


The course included such T&L areas as innovative approaches of teaching and learning, active learning, flipped classroom, blended learning and teaching, e-moderating, learning management systems, online tools to support project based learning, video as a teaching and learning tool, advantages and disadvantages of the video usage. During the practical work the lecturers made videos on Creating videos based on presentations, combined with the reporter's video or audio.


On the PRINTeL website, developed by NPUA TSDC, a section called “Virtual Academy” was created, where all the materials prepared by the trained lecturers are published.

Refer below for the timetable of NPUA TSDC regular teacher training courses