Promoting Innovative Teaching & Learning

to Enhance Student Learning Experience

in Eastern Partnership Countries

In-House Teacher Training (TT) Course at Yerevan State University (YSU)

13 Feb 2019

Internal Teacher Training Courses

In the frameworks of Erasmus+ PRINTeL project in January-March, 2019 a Teacher Training (TT) Course directed at retraining of YSU teaching staff members is programmed to take place in Yerevan State University (YSU).

The trainers of the TT Course who passed ToT (Training of Teachers) Courses at 5 EU Project partner universities (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Universitat de Barcelona, Universidade do Porto, Linköpings universitet, FH Joanneum Gesellschaft mbH) have designed in-house TT courses on teaching and learning in innovative methods for YSU teaching staff members and have planned to share with their colleague teachers all the experience they have previously gained from the trainings at the abovementioned universities. 

The TT courses are going to be delivered by the 16 ToT courses participants from Yerevan State University. It is envaseged that up 160 YSU teaching staff members will undergo the TT course.  

During the course YSU teaching staff members are going to be trained in a number of interactive methods related to innovative technology-enhanced teaching and learning.



TT Course "Application of Active Learning Methods in Classroom"

Trainer: Dr. Karen Trchunyan 

During one-week training (04-08 February, 2019) 15 participants from different departments of the Faculty of Biology (Botany & Mycology; Human & Animal Physiology; Genetic & Cytology; Zoology; Biochemistry, Microbiology & Biotechnology; Biophysics; Ecology & Nature Protection) have been trained.


In accordance with the syllabus, introduction to active learning and further explanation of its application in STEM sciences, especially in Biology, were discussed. Moreover, such an online tool as Mentimeter was introduced and used, so that the trainees could evaluate the possibilities of its further application in their own subjects.


Especially for Biologists it was suggested to see how video materials (one of important methods of active learning for visualization of the subject) can be applied in everyday lectures or lab courses.


During the training 4 different working groups were formed to make their own subject via applying the methods and information received from the trainer. Using ADDIE, TPACK, SMART models and other methods on last day groups made presentations. Overall the training has received positive feedback from the participants and the group of 15 lecturers decided to meet next time in mid-March to share experience about applying knowledge received in the course of the training.




TT Course "Active Learning with Special Focus on Technology Enhanced Collaborative Learning"

Trainer: Associate Prof. Lilit Sargsyan

The TT course was scheduled for the period of 29.01.2019 – 5.01.2019 and was devoted to some of the aspects of Innovative Pedagogy with a special focus on Active Learning.


The materials were adapted in compliance with the needs of the target audience, i.e. the ESP teachers of N2 English language department of YSU. The PowerPoint presentations were planned in a way that the participants would be able to be actively engaged in the learning process and naturally contribute to various activities, which were meant to be eventually included in the teaching repertoire of the trainees. By the end of each workshop the trainees had a chance to exchange their impressions pertaining to the efficacy of the recommended approaches in the atmosphere of open and productive discussion.