Promoting Innovative Teaching & Learning

to Enhance Student Learning Experience

in Eastern Partnership Countries

In-House Teacher Training (TT) Course at Ilia State University (ISU)

11 Feb 2019

Internal Teacher Training Courses

In February-March, 2019 within the frameworks of Erasmus+ PRINTeL project a Teacher Training (TT) Course aimed at retraining ISU teaching staff members is programmed to be held at Ilia State University (ISU).

The trainers of the TT Course who passed ToT (Training of Teachers) Courses at 5 EU partner universities (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Universitat de Barcelona, Universidade do Porto, Linköpings Universitet, FH Joanneum Gesellschaft mbH) have prepared courses on teaching and learning in innovative methods for ISU lecturers. They will share their experience gained from the ToT courses with their colleague ISU teaching staff members.

The TT courses are going to be delivered by the 15 ToT courses participants from ISU. It is envisaged that up to 150 ISU lecturers will participate in the TT course. 

During the course ISU teaching staff members are going to be trained in a number of fields related to innovative technology-enhanced teaching and learning.




TT Course #11 ”Active Learning and ICT-enhanced teaching: M-learning and gamification”

Trainer: Invited Lecturer Diana Khidesheli (ISU Business School)

The TT course was designed to enhance digital competence among academic staff to develop much more interesting, attractive and useful material for students in the course of classes. The main goal was to increase students’ engagement through M-learning and gamification.

The topics that were covered during the training sessions were useful for training members – Kahoot, Mentimeter, Slido, Polleverywhere,etc., these tools were considered as important techniques during the classes. Practical exercises were made during by the audience - they created quizzes by means of the presented programs and exchanged with each other their experience in order to understand better how to apply the mentioned programs. The Trainees expressed their readiness to integrate new tools in the courses they use to teach.

QR code and badges also earned great attention from the audience. Training members learnt how to create QR codes and badges and to use them appropriately in their courses to increase students’ motivation and engagement in teaching and learning process.

The idea of gamification was also highlighted, the trainees gained experience in how to gamify classes by taking into consideration all the important steps. The TT course participants and the trainer discussed certain issues concerning gamification, when it is useful and in which conditions.



TT Course #10 ”Active Learning and ICT-Enhanced Teaching: M-Learning and Gamification”

Trainer: Professor Nana Dikhaminjia (ISU School of Natural Sciences and Engineering)

The TT course was delivered by Professor Nana Dikhaminjia on 11-15 March at Ilia State University. In total 14 participants attended the training. The participants were faculty and invited lecturers of Ilia State University, representing different programs, such as business, education, law, engineering, biology, etc. The trainings were delivered in the evenings, for 2 hours and comprised in total 10 hours.   


The course was designed to enhance digital competence of the participants to develop much more interesting, attractive and useful material and classes for students and increase students’ engagement, knowledge and performance. Academic staff learned to model their classes in a modern way, by using M-Learning and gamification.


Participants learned to use active learning techniques to increase students’ involvement in the teaching and learning process. In the classroom and by doing homeworks, the trainees developed different activities by using various technologies and applications, such as, Poll Everywhere, Mentimenter, Adobe Spark, Kahoot, Socrative, etc. They learned to create infographics for better presentation of the material, got to know examples of gamified learning and usage of gamification elements, creation and usage of QR codes in M-Learning. The activities were developed individually and in groups.

At the end of a class each participant presented how he/she would gamify and use M-Learning in his/her current teaching envirnoment. The trainess delivered their presentations in PechaKucha method. The presentations covered various areas of education and were useful for exchanging ideas on ICT-enhanced teaching. 3 questionnaires were provided throughout the course to assess the effectiveness and usefulness of the course and future expectations of the participants. 



TT Course #9 “Active Learning and ICT-Enhanced Teaching: M-Learning and Gamification”

Trainer: Tamar Megalashvili (ISU Business School)

Training course “Active Learning and ICT-Enhanced Teaching: M-Learning and Gamification” was held at Ilia State University during 26-28 February and 1-2 March, 2019.  Ten-hour training program was conducted by Tamar Magalashvili, Associate Professor at the Department of business, technologies and education.


Academic staff from different faculties expressed interest towards the training. The content of the course was related to Active Learning methodology and implying ICT technologies in teaching and learning process. The trainer discussed the document of Digital Competence of Educators developed by EC. During five-day training, the trainees had the opportunity to get familiar with different instruments of m-learning. They learned how to use and make QR codes, how to develop teaching materials using infographics and videos and how to plan active learning process by the model ADDIE. They also, got familiar to gamification as a methodology of T&A.


As it was mandatory for the trainees to be equipped by laptops and mobile phones, they had the possibility to engage in the process of acquiring new skills by practicing using specific tools and adapting them to their fields of subjects.