Promoting Innovative Teaching & Learning

to Enhance Student Learning Experience

in Eastern Partnership Countries

In-House Teacher Training (TT) Course at Vanadzor State University (VSU)

12 Feb 2019

Internal Teacher Training Courses

In the frameworks of Erasmus+ PRINTeL project in February-March, 2019 a Teacher Training (TT) Course aimed at retraining VSU teaching staff members is programmed to be held at Vanadzor State University named after H. Tumanyan (VSU).

The trainers of the TT Course who passed ToT (Training of Teachers) Courses at 5 EU Project partner universities (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Universitat de Barcelona, Universidade do Porto, Linköpings Universitet, FH Joanneum Gesellschaft mbH) have designed courses on teaching and learning in innovative methods and have programmed to share with their VSU colleague teachers all the experience they gained in the course of the trainings at the abovementioned universities. 

The TT courses are going to be delivered by the 6 ToT courses participants from VSU and  up to 60 VSU teaching staff members will undergo the TT course.  

During the course VSU lecturers are going to be trained in a number of fields related to innovative technology-enhanced teaching and learning.



TT Course “Active Learning and Ict-Enhanced Teaching: M-Learning and Gamification”

Trainer: Associate Prof. Mariya Brutyan (VSU Faculty of History and Geography, Chair of History)

From March 1 to 7, 2019, the participant of "Erasmus+PRINTeL" project Associate Prof. Mariya Brutyan held a training course at Vanadzor State University on the following topic: ,,Active Learning and ICT-enhanced teaching: M-learning and gamification”. During the five-day training, 19 university professors were introduced to innovative teaching methods, the use of mobile devices during the learning process, and the gamification of teaching.


During this training, the lecturers discussed the importance of active learning, mobile learning and gamification in education, highlighted the positive and negative aspects.

During the training, the lecturers were introduced to a number of innovative tools such as Canva, Polleverywhere, Adobe Spark video, Kahoot, Socrative. Besides getting acquainted with the possibilities of these tools, professors surveyed Poll, Kahoot Sli-do, Mentimeter, prepared their business cards with Canva and performed group work, making small clips in Adobe Spark video. During the training, the trainees were encouraged with orders, while getting acquainted with Badge design. The training participants also got acquainted with QR code making techniques.


The participants were able to discuss the differences between Games and Serious games and used the "Escape room" as a version of gamification. The lecturers got acquainted with the steps that helped them to form their own gamification strategy. At the end of the course, each of them delivered a presentation about their gamification teaching strategy. 

The active process of instruction, the active involvement of lecturers and feedback suggest that these innovative methods will be applied in their future activities.




TT Course ՛՛Hybrid/Blended Teaching՛՛

Trainer: Associate Prof. Vanane Mirzoyan (VSU Faculty of Pedagogy, Chair of Psychology and Sociology)

A Teachers Training (TT) course entitled “Hybrid/Blended Teaching” conducted by Vanane Mirzoyan (participant of ERASMUS+ PRINTeL Project, Associate Prof. at the Chair of Psychology and Sociology of VSU) took place in Vanadzor State University from February 25 to - March 1, 2019. 


The following aspects were introduced during the course:

  • the role of blended learning in teaching and learning process,
  • online collaborative tools,
  • e-Moderating and the reflective practitioner, Gilly Salmon's model,
  • Moodle,
  • e-Portfolio in teaching and learning, examples of e- Portfolio
  • MOOC and its types,
  • creating of Trello,
  • creation of videos, examples of videos.


12 lectures from different departments participated in the course. They worked in pairs or small groups depending on the material.

Throughout the course, all the participants showed great enthusiasm and inspiration.

Trello platform and video creation caused particular interest among the professors. Each of them created a video related to his/her teaching field to use them during the lectures and practical works. The professors assured that they would continuously use these methods in the future.