Promoting Innovative Teaching & Learning

to Enhance Student Learning Experience

in Eastern Partnership Countries

PRINTeL Work Groups Meetings

07 Jul 2018

Working Meetings of PRINTeL Work Group Teams

27 July 2018, Yerevan State University (YSU)

A working meeting between the representatives of Yerevan State University and National Polytechnic University of Armenian was summoned with the objective of determination of the types of equipment envisaged for the ERASMUS+ PRINTeL project.

It is planned to create active teaching auditoriums and studios of media course preparation in the 9 partner universities.


23 July 2018, Yerevan State University (YSU)

Yerevan State University (YSU) work team met on 23 July 2018 for the discussion of YSU criteria for the selection of trainees for teacher training courses (ToT) to be held in November-December 2018 in five EU PRINTeL project universities - Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KU Leuven), Universitat de Barcelona (UB), Universidade do Porto (U. Porto), Linkopings Universitet (LiU), and FH Joanneum Gesellschaft mbH (FHJ).

It was decided to elaborate and disseminate the criteria among YSU potential candidates by the end of July and to plan YSU Work Team 4 (WT4) activities on development of the new YSU Teaching Staff Development Centre (TSDC) operational plan which is due to be completed by 15 October 2018. 



17 July 2018, Yerevan State University (YSU)

YSU hosted a working meeting within the frame of the ERASMUS+ CBHE PRINTeL Project funded by the European Union. YSU Vice-rector for Academic Affairs A. Grigoryan, head of the PRINTeL Project, director of YSU Quality Assurance Centre A. Budaghyan, head of the Postgraduate Supplementary Education Department Zh. Aghasyan, head of the Teaching Staff Professional Development Centre of the same department A. Khachatryan, institutional coordinator of the PRINTeL Project, lead specialist at YSU Quality Assurance Center M. Santurjyan, scientific secretary, associate professor in the Chair of Political Institutions and Processes M. Soghomonyan, director of the laboratory of new teaching technologies of the IT Education and Research Centre A. Avagyan participated in the meeting. 


The main issue on the agenda of the Work Group meeting was the development of the operational plan for the reconstruction of the Teacher Training Centre. The Work Group members informed that they had already studied the Best Practices Reports of the PRINTeL Project partner European universities and had certain suggestions on the reconstruction plan of the YSU Teacher Training Centre. YSU Vice-rector A. Grigoryan remarked that this plan should emerge from the YSU Strategic Development Plan (2016-2020). Head of the PRINTeL Project A. Budaghyan suggested forming a work group that would be responsible for the development of the operational plan for the reconstruction of Teacher Training Centre and its further application. Following the discussions of the meeting it was decided to elect YSU Vice-rector for Academic Affairs A. Grigorian as the head of the Work Group. The present participants of the meeting were elected as the members of the Work Group. Additionally, it was decided to study the practices of other European universities as well and to work out certain suggestions concerning the operational plan for the reconstruction of YSU Teacher Training Centre.

13 July 2018, Telavi Iakob Gogebashvili State University (TeSaU)

On the 13th of July, 2018 at Telavi State University (TeSaU) a meeting was held with TeSaU students and academic staff in the frame of International ERASMUS+ Project “Change in Classroom: Promoting Innovative Teaching & Learning to Enhance Student Learning Experience in Eastern Partnership Countries”. Participants of the meeting filled out the questionnaires about the methods used in teaching and learning processes. The questionnaires were translated in Georgian by TeSaU PRINTeL team and all the questions were discussed in details.



Students and professors have expressed their opinions about teaching and learning methods established at the university. As a result of the questionnaires analysis the topic of the future trainings will be presented by the Project partner European universities for TeSaU staff and students.



24 May 2018, National Polytechnic University of Armenia (NPUA)

NPUA held the meeting with the Armenian team of Work Group 2. The subjects of discussions conducted at the meeting included the structure of the Need Analysis Report, overall observations concerning the generalization at national level. 
As a result of the meeting discussions it was decided that national coordinating universities will present the needs of their universities.